Those wrongfully accused.

Crime never sleeps
The begging of our adventure

We begin this section of the campaign from a few different views, starting without our lovable halfling druid named Cole. Cole’s adventure starts out with being awakened by a young female elf by he name of Bree, it turns out that Cole had been accused of burning down a large section of a forest and destroying hundreds of elven homes and killing hundreds of elves. As Cole heard of this we tried to argue with Bree about the fact that he logically couldn’t have done this, but Bree informed him there were at least 5 eye witnesses and she was taking him out to an old shack to escape. Dazed and confused Cole was hidden inside a barrel in Bree’s wagon and the two set off for the shack, a few days travel later and they arrived at the shack, but this was more then just a shack, it was a hide out for felons of the worst sort. As the halfling hid out the shack was transported to Mechanus to let off anyone who wished to leave, and that is where Cole met Scrum.

In a mountainous area southwest of the Burning forest lays asleep yet another one of our adventurers, Bobby the Bard, and his situation is much the same, however he was accused of assassinating two human diplomats and his own king. Bobby’s friend arrived to take bobby away to a secluded mountain pass, however unlike Cole, Bobby never reached his destination. The horse pulling the cart was shot and fell, pulling the cart down the side of the mountain, Bobby was the only one to survive, and he ran until he saw a shack with a few horses in front of it. Bobby was off like a shot ridding his newly acquired horse, and as he rode through the forest where the shack was he saw an elf and a halfling riding hard on the carriage toward the shack. Bobby rode the horse until he reach a cliff face, he then promptly turned around and headed back towards the shack, but unknown to bobby was the fact that the guards who had been chasing him had stopped at the shack and had been killed, and that he shack had already teleported away. So when he arrived all that was left was a few carriages and horses, the dead bodies of the town guards, and a lone hurt wolf pup. Also unknown to bobby was the fact that another pair of eyes were watching him.

Through the bushes Marley the nomad sat and watched as the man walked about the dead bodies, looking what he could off of them, then he climbed into the carriage and disappeared. After Marley was sure this man was not coming out she went to work collecting as many materials as she could, and she also tied the door shut of the carriage to trap the man who appeared to be the killer. Marley went about her business and even managed to get the wolf pups leg fixed and befriend the small wolf. The next morning Marley opened up the carriage to find a very upset man standing before her, after some questioning she found out that the mans name was Bobby and he was trying to escape from the chopping block for a crime he did not commit, Marley seeing that the poor bard would not make it a day in the woods without her help agreed to adventure with him and to see where it led.

After two days travel Marley and Bobby eventually wound up in the tower of Domanic that is where they met Drake Dorian, he was to assist them along their way, and so they where teleported to Sparks and Tom who had already sent an associate of theirs to gather another adventurer with the same problems as bobby, and now Marley since she was helping an assassin.

Scrum was a gnoll ranger, not the brightest of people but he had a good heart, he had been sent out by Tom and Sparks to collect Cole and bring him back to the shop and so he did, and that is where the adventurers found out about each others pasts. Scrum had been accused of burning down an entire village, Cole had been accused of destroying forest land, homes and lives, Bobby had been accused of assassination, and Marley and Drake Dorian was helping Bobby so they where just in trouble for helping a felon.

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